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It's been way quiet in here

Last night's episode blew me away. There was just so much awesome stuff going on I don't even know where to start... except I think I do. And where I am going to start is with my OTP of course. Their scene was so incredibly beautiful and hot and perfect and everything that we've been waiting for all season. Weevil's path this season is entirely what I predicted and hoped it would be. Did I not call the disloyalty in the gang? Yes, I did and now we know someone is dealing drugs for the Irish Mafia behind his back as well as lying about what went on the night Felix was killed. And now Weevil knows and he's smart enough to know that Logan is his natural ally in this situation even though they have been hating eachother because Logan and Weevil understand eachother beautifully and on such a fundemental level and I love them. And the fight... well it's so very IC as well as being fucking amusing. That as they were leaving about how Weevil should ahve killed Logan though makes me really worry about my poor Weevil's safety (Ironic I know since he is a gang leader so duh...but you know) I also find it interesting that the episode Logan and Weevil are going to start working together is the one where we get detention again (even though it's Veronica's not thiers) because I totally said when Clemmons assigned her detention "remember what happened last time there was detention on this show (OMG Logan and Weevil!!!!!!!!!) So yes, my OTP is healthy and strong and bloody and brutally understanding and snappy.

Well and lets see... I guess Cassidy and Mac are next because I love them madly and I love them together and I think they should join forces and take over the world because they are both so adorable and brilliant and underappreciated and lovely, and then Clarence and Veronica can be like the CIA of the new world order and be badass and hot and discover all the plots to undermine Emperor Cassidy and Empress Mac.

Talking about smart people. I am so glad that they mentioned that Kane Scholarship because I was totally being like "wait what is going on with the whole Kane Scholarship thing?" before the episode yesterday. Any bets on who gets it? I mean we can reasonably assume that Veronica, Duncan, Cassidy, and Mac are all contenders (depending of Mac's level of applying herself in school). Meg would likely have been but is out presumably since she's been out all year. Anyway... I am glad they remembered it.

I could talk about the whole Meg pregnancy but it's so very self evident the things I have to say. The thing I think will be most intersting about it is the way it will or will not parallel the whole Lianne/Jake/Celeste situation which of course needs to be explored further and explained. I somehow want to have Veronica turn out to be more like the Celeste than the Lianne.  You know the whole prom baby thing and what actually happened sounds much more like Meg than Veronica because Veronica would have wanted to nail that jerk for his behavior and not been content to let it slide because the girl would have been uncomfortable... although she's getting more that way. Not to mention the comment about Lianne being the nicest girl in school... previous to the whole Duncan breakup Meg was definitely that... that's how we met her last season. It would be an intersting twist because Celeste pulls such a Snape with Veronica and seeing her mother and hating her for her mother etc. Of course maybe I am projecting my feelings about HBP and the similarities between Harry and Snape into this.  Mainly I just love paralels... really I always see Lianne as Lilly the first though... and I did most of this season.  Kept commmenting on it in fact... although the ending was perplexing to that theory.  I mean when the woman was talking about Jake and Lianne's constant brekaing up and getting back together again I couldn't help thinking about Lilly and Logan and...spreading vicious rumors is totally a Lilly thing (although I guess that makes the health teacher Lilly and Lianne Veronica which is not what I want... I think that Lianne is not as guiltless as she sounds in that story though.  I think that being her friend the poor girl was under Lianne's spell in much the way that Veronica was under Lilly's.  They are both selfish bitches in my book and I don't care what anyone else says... well I do but i am unlikely to be persuaded)

Okay enough of that for now... except to say that I think Lamb has to be the one to die next week.  That way Keith can be sheriff and the investigation can go forward.

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