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The problem with Logan/Weevil

He's a rich boy with lots of bad behaviour in his past. He is a biker from the wrong side of the tracks. Together, THEY FIGHT CRIME!!

Lovely, isn't it? well, yes, except for one thing...

To my mind, the most assholic thing that either of them have done to each other during the season happened in 2x06 "Rat saw god", when Logan bought Weevil's house and kicked his family out. Why this of all things, when there have been all kinds of wacky hijinks before and after, including beatings, house burnings and nakedness-on-flagpoles?

Because that scene was practically a textbook example of the class inequalities in Neptune, the ones that Rob Thomas said they were trying to address in this season (in fact, it's such an example that it's practically a cliche: rich boy buys poor boy's house and kicks them out? Sounds like something out of a XIX century novel). Anyone can gang his friends up and beat up some other guy; anyone can buy a few cans of gasoline and burn a swimming pool or a house. But buying your enemy's house and evicting them... is the kind of thing that only a 09er can do. It's not just living comfortably in your bubble of wealth standing idly by (like Duncan might arguably have done), but using *actively* your wealth to humilliate those who have less than you. In a way, it's like being in a schoolyard fight and having your dad come over to beat up the other children.

Given the above, you'll understand that I have a problem with the show making Logan and Weevil working together, as equals. Because this storyline glosses over the fact that, at the bottom, they are not. Sure, they might cooperate to solve the crime, but at the end of the day, the rich boy will go back to his hotel suite and to try to woo Veronica, while the poor boy goes... where exactly? Oh, it's awfully convenient that Weevil is such a secondary character, isn't it, because this way the writers can avoid having to show where HIS FAMILY ACTUALLY LIVES, NOW THAT LOGAN ECHOLLS HAS KICKED THEM OUT OF THEIR HOUSE. In a way, this "rich guy and poor biker from opposite sides of the city reluctantly cooperating to solve a crime" story reminds me precisely of the kind of cliche that this story from The Onion lampoons so well.

The worst thing is that, judging from what we have seen in the episodes since, I'm pretty sure that Rob Thomas & Co. don't feel that way. They haven't addressed the issue since 2x06 (again: where does Mrs. Navarro live now?), and seem to consider the house buyout as just another step in the Logan/Weevil war, and therefore water under the bridge. But to me it's a pity, specially because "Veronica Mars" was (specially at the beginning) one of the few american shows that at least tried to show class differences in a somewhat realistic way (anyone remembers Buffy and her sister living for a whole season with nothing but the salary from Doublemeat Palace?).

So that's it. Yet another TV show that gets *this* close to talk about class inequality, only to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at the last moment. Comments? Thoughts? Counterpoints? Death threats for being a commie-pinko liberal? Death threats for daring to badmouth Logan Echolls? [Taken back at the request of the moderator; see below] Comparisons of my opinion with the Maoist International Movement's movie reviews?
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